Islands of Polynesia

In this page, you will witness the construction of tables that demonstrate cell merging, specific table layout, nth child width, white-space normal vs nowrap comparison, and overflow hidden effects.

In this first table, cells are being merged to portray such image.

Samoa Tonga
Tahiti Hawaii

Island Name Greeting Word Population Food Sport
Tonga Malo 'e Lelei 106,440. 'Otai Rugby
Fiji Bula ! 903,703 Curry Rugby
Samoa Talofa ! 196,628 Vaisalo Rugby
Aoteroa Kia ora ! 4.471 Million Meat-Pie Rugby
Tahiti Kia orana ! 183,645 Coconut Bread Soccer
Hawaii Aloha 1.42 Million Poi Football
Tuvalu Ta'alofa 10,837 Pulaka Football
Cook Islands Kia Orana ! 10,900 Rukau Rugby League
Niue Fakaalofa atu 1190 Nane Pia Rugby Union


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